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  • Writer's pictureMike Beer

Podcast - Ontario Multifamily Property Purchase Case Study

From the podcast host:

Would the last investor still standing in Ontario please turn out the lights... NOT SO FAST, says my guest today.

Mike Beer is a veteran Real Estate investor who shares in-depth insights and opportunities in the KWC (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge) area. 

Plus, he walks us through a case study style in the local market.

With many Ontario investors heading out of town, Mike shares why this is an excellent opportunity and why he is in aggressive acquisition mode.

The market conditions are currently ripe for finding an under-rented property and applying a proven model to reposition your properties.

Mike shares all the numbers on his latest purchase.

Plus Mike also shares: ** How his family fled Communist Poland and started at zero in Canada (money and didn't know a word of English) ** His formula for analyzing opportunities ** Key strategies to be able to 'go against the grain.'  ** Why focusing and niching down is the right strategy to grow

... And much more


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