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Video: How to build a second income stream
Are you ready to to create a second income stream?


So what's the problem? “Busy life - stagnant income problem”

Most working professionals work very hard yet seem to not fully have the life they desire. Their major, but essential, expenses are weighing them down. Mortgage, taxes, car payments, entertainment, restaurants, kids activities etc. can require a lot of money. Despite putting a lot of hard work into their careers, investing into RRSPs, potentially having a rental property, or a side business, many people don't seem to have extra income they can depend on to elevate their life to the level they deserve. People are busy and have no time or desire to get a second job or run a side business. 

Do you feel like more income would take the financial pressure off and elevate your life and free you to live the life you deserve?

Residential Apartment Building


What would your life feel like if you had 10%, 20% or 50%, 100%+ more income? What if you could finally get ahead by securing more income without all the work? How much more enriched would life feel? Our big goal is to enrich your life tenfold. 


We offer our client a smarter way to obtain a second income. It pays the client monthly. Just like you pay your mortgage we will pay you steady income. Here is the simple principal: We show you how to leverage the equity in your home (just like a line of credit) or savings to get a secured monthly income. All backed by millions in real estate diversified across Canada.

Image by Luke van Zyl

We developed a unique proven process called the "Massive Investing Approach tm" to lead our clients off the ground to success. 

First Step

The next step is crucial and simple. Just click the button to schedule a 10min phone conversation to find out more or to make it happen. 

We will also lead you through the first step of our Massive Investing Approach ™ at no cost called "Define your North Star"

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We have been at this for quite a while... We hold a very large, stable, diversified real estate portfolio across canada that backs your income. What if the market dips? Nothing happens. Across our large rental portfolio the many tenants continue to pay rent. Rents may fluctuate by a small amount but our experts continuously ensure we get maximized rents and very minimal vacancy.

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