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Don’t know how to start? Our solution finder can help

  • Writer's pictureMike Beer

How to start building your financial future? The real simple way to abundance.

Everyone would like to have an abundant financial future. If they say that they are “ok”. That probably means they just settled or gave up. With all the complex financial advice, different ways to invest like stocks, bitcoin, and other shiny objects it can be really daunting.

Real estate in Canada has been considered by many as the king of all investing classes. This is for a good reason. It’s because it has been creating wealth and financial futures for generations… and it’s simple and tangible. You can sleep in it or work in it. What’s the catch? There is one. It will not make you rich quick and sometimes it can feel like watching the grass grow. However, just like grass, it sometimes grows faster when it rains, and sometimes slower during drier or colder months… it will grow in the right environment. Canada is one such great environment for real estate to grow.

What’s the absolute simplest way to build an abundant financial future? Here are three quick steps:

  1. Purchase your own home

  2. Invest in real estate

  3. Keep repeating step 2 until you have an abundant future

Yes, it is truly that simple. At some point you can realize other investment tactics such as refinancing real estate, or diversifying, or estate planning etc etc. Also, you will need some income to save to purchase your own home and to invest in real estate. However, you will find that as time passes your home can be refinanced to purchase more real estate. Then your real estate investments will grow and snowball to help you purchase more real estate investments. At the beginning it will feel like a slow process but then it will become faster and faster until you have a truly abundant financial future.

The biggest setback that investors face is that they don’t take action. Key is to start now. Join our investment circle to continue learning:

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